New Podcast on Deep Tech Investment "From Lab to Market" by SOSV

Hi! Ben, Partner @ SOSV here- the early stage deep tech fund focused on hardware and biology, via our programs HAX and IndieBio.

We connected via our events or reports on Deep Tech and Hardware Trends. I hope you're doing well despite Covid-19!

This quick note to share that I am hosting a new podcast focused on investment in deep tech called Deep Tech: From Lab to Market (@LabToMarket).


Kelly Chen, Partner at DCVC

  • DCVC is $725m deep tech fund active in agtech, space, industry and biology.

  • Kelly shares her views on investing in Old School Industries.

Manish Singhal, Managing Partner of pi Ventures

  • pi Ventures is a $30m deep tech fund focused on India.

  • Manish talks about India’s deep tech landscape.

John Ho, Partner at Anzu Partners

  • Anzu Partners is a US-based $190m fund investing nationwide.

  • John talks about investing in Breakthrough Industrial Technologies

Matt Clifford, Cofounder of Entrepreneur First (EF)

  • EF is a $115m fund investing in deep tech pre-team and pre-product.

  • Matt explains how they apply the lean startup to team formation.

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This is the podcast we wish existed:

  • We've organized many events with great speakers — VCs, founders and more, but we always felt it was a loss that their views would mostly stay in the room. A podcast solves that and gives them more room to share insights.

  • Also, many deep tech founders lack information on the investment landscape and many VCs exploring new sectors wish to build a strong playbook fast, with best practices.

  • We also thought it was quite timely, as both biology and automation are getting a tailwind from the pandemic.

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